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The Ramblings of A Mad Southern Pottery Collector

What is a Pottery Bear? & Do You need a License to go Hunting with one?


Stacy Lambert, NC Pottery

What is a Pottery Bear? & Do You need a License to go Hunting with one?

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Stacy Lambert, NC Pottery
Greetings and Salutations to anyone brave enough to try to revel in my musings. I'll try to be more tact-urn and less verbose, but hey...my parent's, Uncle Sam, and I paid for my education so I might as well abuse it as best I can.

I've kept a private journal for years, not on a regular basis but every once in a while when the mood strikes me. I've always used it as a window in time, a way to go back and review what I was thinking and doing or maybe "WHAT WAS I THINKING, and "DID I DO THAT" My postings will probably tend to be long. I need to learn some trick of the LJ masters than were mentioned in the set-up process; like how to hide them so friends, when they appear on my horizon, will be able to have me occupy "less room" as the adv-iso hints.

So "what is a Pottery Bear and do you need a License to go Hunting with one"...
A pottery bear is the crazy artistically minded bear from rural NC. He grew up wrapped in History and it never chaffed him once. History was the soil in which this little bear britches grew. Home, family, church, education...all had links that can be defined by historical context. There were "collectors" on both side of my family. Both maternal and paternal ancestors go back to ships dropping off hopeful and brave souls in coastal Virginia or coastal South Carolina in the 17th Century. Is it any wonder that the two sides might meet in the middle, get a little tar stuck on their heals and settle into the fertile ground of the old North State. Both sides have their crazy and "crazy like a fox" characters that obviously donated something to making the gay bear before you. Clearly some of these obsessive compulsive collecting tendencies that are bred in the bone...just waiting for the right circumstances. Anyway, we'll delve into all that later. I really am getting to wordy for even me to stand right now and I want to attract interesting people not run them off at a mad gallop.

Pottery is something that connects us to the earth on my levels. If you a religious person or a creationist or maybe even simply spiritual you know that we are all made of the same stuff. Pottery is something than can be soothing to touch, hold, make, and use. It's younger cousin Porcelain also plays a role in my life but Pottery is venue where this collector comes home to rest. Now while I might have a couple of things that are mold made....these things are just functional tools to me, like this cpu and keyboard...it is HANDMADE pottery that continues to grab and occupy my imagination. Perhaps its because that even though I have a BA in Art (minor in History) and did Graduate level work for two years in Historic Preservation and Painting ( yeah I tried doing two MFA's at once.....sue me) I never created pottery. Pottery was passe at my college in the early 80's....we did some cool stuff....bookmaking, lithography, lost wax bronze casting, conceptual art, delvings into the newly revived Celtic consciousness...pottery wheels were in storage and gathering dust. I wasn't into art at all in High School. I was a History freak. The only reason I became an artist is that I took this Class about Ancient and Contemporary Art and Spirituality at St. Andrews. Androids are required to take some core classes throughout their studies. At the time I was there It was called S.A.G.E. (St Andrews General Education) It was previously known to other past classes as CWC (Christianity and world Cultures)
which was really a better fit than the SAGE thing but...........you know academia! Anyway, its focus was on why man created art, where that drive had led him and how art today (the 80's) was returning to many of these spiritual roots....think Cave Paintings at Lascaux and Aboriginal symbol pictograph drawings and the Performance art of Gilbert and George, the early work of Cindy Sherman, Jackson Pollocks paintings and some other names I thought I never forget, but obviously have as I'm musing further at a loss.

Anyway lets warp speed ahead to the right now, we can take a Quantum leap back and forth to these other areas when we feel like it. I'm turning a new page and working on sharing more with others in a productive way. The only way I know to do that is be 100% percent honest...and that What I indeed to attempt. But to finish off this 1st posting, I'll answer the question I posed at the beginning....What is a pottery bear....well it's this guy Named Mark.....do you need a license to go pottery hunting with him...no, just an invitation.

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