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The Ramblings of A Mad Southern Pottery Collector

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I guess I'm just your average gay bear from the rural South. Well Educated, geneology out the whazzo, and opinions bred into the bone. I have a partner named Matt. He's a woodcarver and collector of gaming stuff.....not me! I go for Federal and Empire period pieces with an gentle stirring of arts and crafts, folk, and modernism. Opposites attract. Why Am I here?...to share, to learn, to grow, to make new friends, and bond closer with some old ones...to grow as a person. I believe never to late to learn something new and I think if you fall for that myth you start dying as a person. If your between 25 to 105 and have an interest that I share we'll be friends.....If your 25 and want to party hard...we probably won't. If you have an opinion great but don't get excited if I challenge it and it won't get all freaky is you do the same right back at me!!! If you want to chat me up and cruise me... you can do that; but don't get excited if I don't respond much, or if I do respond!